About the Art

The Deities

The Deities is an acrylic painting on nine 8"x8" birch wood blocks. Completed by Coco in 2017, the painting portrays the three main, and other major, Hindu deities. As a long-time yoga practitioner, the Hindu deities have a very special place in Coco’s heart and these pieces were painted with love, reverence and great care. 

About the Art


Inspired by the Future is Female movement, Coco's painting Queen is a series of 12"x12" acrylic paintings on birch wood blocks. Coco loves the process of revealing personalities through paint, and in this series honors each of the personalities with their own unique crowns. This series will continue to grow in the coming years.

About The Art

Graceland Garden

Coco's first instinct is to usually paint with as many colors as possible and no one loved her color work more than her stepmother, Linda Brown Avila. Linda also loved flowers and felt more was always more, so Coco covered the entire gesso board surface with flowers in her honor and memory. Like all of Coco's work, Graceland Garden was painted with love.

About The Art

Sea Blue Field

Early morning walks past coastal southern California gardens inspired Coco's Sea Blue Field painting. Sea Blue Field was painted with acrylic on gesso board specifically with this bedding collection in mind. Coco wanted this series to have an ocean breeze fresh tone with elegant flowers to sweetly envelop the sleeper.

About Coco

Coco Avila is an artist, designer, art director, and producer. The daughter of two nationally recognized artists, Coco began making art before she can remember. Painting is her meditation, her comfort, her heart. Because her home has always been filled with art, she values living in a space surrounded by beautiful treasures that are meaningful and authentic.